Using Draco Compressed glb files

I have a 3d website with three scenes with a total asset size of 95mb. Since the loading time is high, I am planning to decrease it . I came across draco compression for glb/gltf files. Can anyone help in understanding more about how to use it to compress my glb assets and how to load those assets into babylon…?

Thank You…

No problem, adding @bghgary for the compression part.

I can answer this. There are lots of ways to compress for Draco. You can use Blender by importing your mesh and then re-exporting (glTF 2.0 — Blender Manual).

You can also use the command line tool, GLTF Pipeline (gltf-pipeline - npm). Both of these will add the Draco compression extension information into your GLTF. Babylon will then see that extension and attempt to load the GLTF using the WASM files. It’s pretty seamless.