Using .glb model with instantiation and vertex colors

Ah, but again there is the problem of instanced meshes… Asked about this a while ago as well :wink: Creating lights dynamically that effect instanced meshes with includedOnlyMeshes - #2 by Deltakosh

All these threads are kind of my own adventure of learning and to find out a perfect way to light up my game. If you’re interested of the journey, here is the first lighting post: Best way to create part of a mesh that acts as a light source

I’m glad you do! However there is still the problem of instanced meshes in this case… Can I interact with individual vertices of an instanced mesh? Or do I have to use a shader to do this? As I said before there seems to be a way to change the mesh color as a whole per instance using buffers: Instances | Babylon.js Documentation

But can this be used with instanced mesh vertices?