Using MeshBuilder.CreateText in Babylon React Native


Quick question, can MeshBuilder.CreateText be used in Babylon React Native? I can’t get it to work and I’m trying to see if it’s me or if it’s just not possible.


Hello! Are you seeing some kind of error, or nothing at all? Looking at the CreateText code, the only places where I imagine that could have some problem is getting the glyph informations for the paths, or something with earcut. I’ll tag @BabylonNative to see if anyone has tried using CreateText before

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I think @ryantrem did IIRC.

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Hi! :smiley: I’m seeing the following error: u.MeshBuilder.CreateText is not a function.

I have these versions, maybe something’s clashing?:

"@babylonjs/core": "6.4.1",
"@babylonjs/loaders": "6.4.1",
"@babylonjs/react-native": "1.5.1",
"@babylonjs/react-native-iosandroid-0-70": "1.5.1",
"earcut": "^2.2.4",
"babylonjs-gltf2interface": "^6.8.1",

OH! Sorry my bad, somehow it was still working with version 5.something even though I’d defined 6.4.1. It works now though :smiley: :dancer:

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