V4 some physicsBodies not showing in the inspector

Look at this example from the docs: Babylon.js Playground

If you open the inspector and activate the display of collision shapes the collision shape of the mehs from the glb file does not display. The shape from the ground however does.

I don’t know whether there is a relationship, but I encounter this error mostly with glb files. When creating a shape with code or using obj files I never had this error, but using glb files sometimes.

pinging @trevordev

@trevordev I think this has something to do with parent child relationships:

Here is a even simpler example with this bug:

If you comment out the line which sets an imposter to the parent (physicsRoot) and uncomment the ingoreParent: true on the child, then the collision shape will work fine.

Thanks, looking from the code it, currently only supports meshes, box and sphere impostors, not ones with children (eg. compound impostors). Ill see how i can support this.

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That would be great. Adding support for Cylinders would be awesome, too.