Vector3 to rotation angles

Hi, I have a Vector3 of a mesh space coordinates. Considering it as a point on a sphere with coordinates of [0;0;0], I’d like to put some object on the sphere’s surface with setting that rotation to the object that it will be look like it’s really located on the sphere.

I researched some math, but I didn’t get radians. So I need your help :smile:

Here are two ways I did that on PGs I posted in your other topic. You need to consider the way the mesh you are placing is created, ie for a cylinder you want the y axis along the normal of the sphere and for a disc the z axis along the sphere normal.

Cylinder placement on click

Disc placement part of build

For method see


Also in some cases you can use lookAt to simplify the process. For example in the quick example below when you click on the sphere a disc is placed at the picked point, using lookAt to make the disc face the center of the sphere.


Thank you

Everything works fine

BTW how to prevent creating these cylinders/disks/whatever when I just click by mouse to rotate the camera?

I assume the solution to be like custom disabling cylinder/disk creation on camera rotation or some pointerEvent

Hmm are you using the pointer move event to place the cylinder I guess? Then you could try setting enablePointerMoveEvents to false on the sphere on the pointer down event and set it back to true on the pointer up event.