VideoDome Documentation examples don't work

The page here - 360 Video Domes | Babylon.js Documentation
There are two examples, both of them have broken video URL ( is blocked by CORS).

Thank you for reporting @labris
Do you know where these videos are now @PirateJC ?
cc @carolhmj

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Hmm @RaananW might know too?

This video is gone from the server. We will need to find a new CC-licensed 360 video to use in the demos.

I have a few, but we can’t use them due to license issues.

Hmmm I guess @PirateJC can find us a new video? :thinking:

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Sorry for the delay. I found a new 360 video and have passed it to @RaananW who will have it posted soon.


Merged, Update by RaananW · Pull Request #908 · BabylonJS/Documentation (