VideoDome doesn't render video in VR mode (WebXR)

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  • Issue: I’m trying to create a VR Video Player which displays a 180° stereoscopic Video using a VideoDome

  • Expected Result: Half of the VideoDome should be visible and the video should play, as it does in the browser

  • Actual Result: The half sphere is just black without the video playing

  • Attempted Fixes:
    Tried using the Basic Experience Helper instead of the Default one
    Added a mesh to the VideoDome in hopes it would render correctly in XR
    Added a different light source
    Added more parameters to the VideoDome

I can imagine that this has to be something very basic that i’m overlooking here but i tried
using some of the example VR Playgrounds and it seems like my setup is correct for what i’m trying
to do. This is my first Project using Babylon.JS and i couldn’t find anything in depth about this in the Docs

Thank you in advance to anyone trying to help me! :slight_smile:

i’ll look into that

I’m sorry it does work, unfortunately i didn’t have the possibility to test it on a different VR Headset.
It works on Quest 2 but didn’t on Pico 3 but the Pico just wasn’t updated and now it works on both! :man_facepalming:

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