Virtual 3D exhibition

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I want to create a virtual exhibition as part of my student project. Is there any resources or references where I can learn/use the samples.

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Your main sources will be the doc:

and this forum :slight_smile:

This thread also has a ton of examples to look at of things people made. I’m sure something in there might be similar to what you’re looking for.


uh… I hate to reference anything that isn’t babylon, but I also know how useful it is sometimes to immediately do what you want to do; so, you may want to check this out: Maybe it’ll serve your purposes.


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It might be worth pinging @Michael_Scherotter on this thread. He has done some excellent work in this area as you can see referenced here:

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Hi @ssh , just in case curious to see something built with Babylon that you can use to create art galleries with no coding yourself, you are welcome to use

We have lots of users that use it for this use case, so just wanted to throw it out there!


Depends if it is a coding or art project but if art framevr would be amazing :slight_smile:

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I want to add few codes for example user interaction with the help desk, keep track of user interest in a particular booth etc.

I’ll try to ping him. Thanks for the info @PirateJC . :smiley:

Hi, I liked the examples that you have referred to but I want to start from scratch but don’t know from where to begin from. I know that using Blender, I can export the model into .gltf format. To use the model in Babylon JS is where I am stuck. I want to add some user interfaces such as on click info button to open a window with relevant information.

The documentation is the best place to start:

Just for extra resources this was a 2D Gallery Slideshow I made in the PG. Can be helpful for some of the click interactions for GUI.

Feel free to ping directly also if you have additional GUI questions. :heart:


Really helpful. Thanks.