Virtual Showroom, product presentation, configurator

Hi ! Great Babyloners ;

I designed and coded new 3d virtual showroom demo work

3dweb Virtual Showroom draft prepared for İkizler Lighting Interactive product presentation

Video Link : İkizler Aydınlatma için Hazırlanan 3dweb Sanal Showroom taslak çalışması İnteraktif ürün tanıtımı - YouTube

Live Links : İkizler Aydınlatma Sanal ShowRoom Taslak Çalışması ( 0.01 Beta )

Linkedin : Kemal UÇAR on LinkedIn: #aydınlatma #3d #lighting

Thanks all.


Nice !!!

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AWESOME! I love the variety of controls and the UI interactions, it’s really well done!

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Thank you @sebavan

Thank you @carolhmj .

I like the product options being ‘in world’ like that instead of just a 2D menu : )

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Thank you @br-matt .

Amazing. Just so much makes me remember of an old project from my team. The BRP 3D showroom builder (Unity, 2013)

Seeing we can do things like this with BJS today and with this performance and level of interaction feels really great. :smiley:

It’s just sad my knowledge of your language is so poor;)

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Thank you @mawa