Shopify App using babylonjs

I started working on a Shopify App using babylonjs 6 this month. Endless work to do still, nothing to play with yet – but I thought I would make a video


This is really cool @doctor3d !!!

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WoW! Don’t know what to say. I’m speachless here. This really starts to feel like the 3D shop builder I had imagined (about 2 or 3 years ago). The only point that makes me sad is that it isn’t me doing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sleepy: Well, if you want to share part of the burdain on the building of the app and/or building a reputation for it and gathering clients (and then of course at the same time, share a part of the return for it :money_mouth_face: :grin:), well… just know that this is the kind of thing I could be interested in :grin: You know, just in case…

This is INCREDIBLE! Really feels like the future we saw in all those 2000’s, entering a shop without ever leaving your own room :open_mouth:


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No more programming, just drag and drop! :slight_smile: An extension would be to assign predefined behaviour scripts to the objects via drag & drop, for example to change the attributes over time or to react to user input like mouse clicks, but I think such things are surely on your radar. :slight_smile:

Kind words! … Very generous offer @mawa. I might need help at a certain point, but its super early days and I’m still figuring out the Shopify infrastructure and how to handle other media like embedded Youtubes and such. I’ve not really worked on the customer experience at all yet. VR is planned too … So there’s a few months of work to do before I might need some assistance. But stay tuned and thanks again! -scott

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Yeah i hear ya. I remember Second Life had some ideas in this area. I will do some of this - probably via some simple-to-use presets or similar

Would be very cool to use KHR material variants to show a UI that let’s users choose variants as well.

Also check out CSSRenderer3D for embedded video. I’ve implemented it and worked with it for awhile if you need any help. Also animated gifs are possible, but not trivial. Look for an example from sebavan. Reach out if you need any help with either.

This is AMAZING!

Without any doubt you are the only and authentic Doctor 3D


hey @ericwood73 -I messed around with the CSS3D playground examples on Sunday. Looks straightforward but i’ve said that before - now i know who to ask help. Downside is wont work in VR which is important for me . Probably will just punt and redirect til someone smart figures this out… Also I have a link in my code to gif anim solution. I think I will have drag and drop .glb maybe by weekend? That might be the solution for fixtures. And yeah Im thinking some texturing presets in the showroom-library. Lots to do! … thanks for checkin it out