VisualBrowser- Learn the basics of 3D Website Navigation

Written and Published on March 28th, 2024: VisualBrowser is best experienced on Mobile Devices as of right now. Desktop, Tablet, and VR versions are being worked on.

How 3D Website Experiences Work?

Visualbrowser’s interactive experiences are primarily goal/objective driven. Each level is designed for users to complete a specific objective.

1. Movement and Navigation (Waypoints)

One way these quests (missions) are accomplished is through movement and navigation in the space. Once you locate the navigator icon, move into the play area and it will disappear triggering the next event that allows you to accomplish the current task you are on.
movement example

2. Interactions with the World (Interactions)

Prepare to engage with a digital universe that responds to your every action. Interact with objects, manipulate elements, and uncover hidden surprises as you delve deeper into VisualBrowser experiences.


3. Quests and Objectives (Badges)

Embark on thrilling quests and embark on epic adventures organized as missions/objectives to enhance your browsing experience. Earn badges as rewards for your engagement. Whether you’re conquering challenges, unlocking achievements, or simply exploring the vast expanse of VisualBrowser experiences, with each badge earned, you’ll enjoy high quality unique experiences along the way.


Feel free to practice in First Steps. Once you complete the level, it will feel very intuitive and you can explore the rest of the website from there. Make sure to login in order to save your badge. If you complete the level without having an account, it won’t save the badge you get for completing this level

Play First Steps Here


Woot! quite a fantastic work done there!

You can be proud!

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Thank you so much!!! I am really starting to get the hang of the platform and how to create experiences for it. I am really grateful for this amazing library you guys built and the effort you put in it. I just hope I can help any way that I can in order to make the 3D internet a mainstream product.

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