Welcome to VisualBrowser - A platform offering a collection of interactive 3D and VR experiences powered by Babylon.js

I have been working with Babylon.js for some years now and I think this is a wonderful step forward. I want to thank all of the developers that have spent years building such an amazing platform that has the ability to really improve the way we understand and interact with the world.

The goal of VisualBrowser is to deliver the best 3D and VR experience the web can offer. I am currently a team of 1 and all I can really do is work the best that I can to deliver on that promise.

This platform is currently in BETA as we are figuring out the TON of issues that come with such an endeavor and we would like your help and active participation.

We are looking for BETA testers and anyone interested really in helping with developing this platform into something mainstream as a central hub for 3D experiences on the web. I will post more about the prospectus behind this platform from time to time.

Feel free to visit VisualBrowser and create an account and verify your email to be part of this BETA test. We appreciate and value your participation, time, and feedback.

I have some examples of experiences I have made so far for you to check out and get an idea of what I am trying to do with this platform.

I am trying to convert conventional websites into 3D interactive experiences.

Example Experience

From This:
2D Site: Smithsonian Sloth Bear Exhibit
To This:
3D Site: Smithsonian Sloth Bear Exhibit

From This:
2D Site: Leake Street Arches
To This:
3D Site: Leake Street Arches

From This:
2D Site: Clarion Alley
To This:
3D Site: Clarion Alley

So please, sign up to the website, and join the discord. We would appreciate any contribution and ideas you can offer. Thanks


Woot! This is really good mate! Excellent initiative
let us know if you want us to retweet any comm you may have!

Of course. It’s not perfect and you can see it’s very much a work in progress but it’s slowly getting there. I will be posting much more complete experiences from time to time up here. Hopefully one of them can make it to the official Babylon demos page. Please just keep an eye on this project from time to time. Feel free to retweet this as well. I could use all the BETA testers I can get.

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Excellent !!!

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I don’t know if it would help you but we have an BabylonJS extension that allows HTML content to be included in a 3D scene. So you could include some traditional web content while you migrate to full 3D. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in XR (yet…)