VNC Stream on dynamic texture


I’m currently working on a usecase where we want to “stream” live content from a PC via VNC into a BabylonJS scene. Our current idea is to use noVNC (a JS VNC Client) which renders the content to (it’s own) canvas. We’d try to hide this canvas and instead copy the content from the VNC canvas into the DynamicTexture canvas.

Did anybody do sth. like this before? Do you see any problems with this approach?



You can use the (hidden) canvas in a dynamic texture (2nd variable in the constructor can be a canvas).

That would prevent you from copying data that is being copied once again right after


:man_facepalming: … should have read the API documentation more thoroughly… typical RTFM question :frowning:

I didn’t even considered option to be a way to pass the canvas. Thank you very much!!

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Yep, we could have named the variable a bit better :slight_smile: