vrDisplayPointerRestricted interferes with the rest of app


I have a react app that contains a babylon canvas. Sporadically, pasting into fields in the react portion of the app fails, and whenever it happens I get these events in the console:

I’m assuming they’re coming from babylon, but I’m having a hard time tracking it down since we’re not using VR features anywhere.

I know this is limited information to go on, but I’d really appreciate any ideas—thanks!

vr events?.. Are you including WebVR in your app? Or are you using the UMD version of the framework?

If you do you can remove these events using engine.disableVR().
WebVR is deprecated and we will remove it very soon from the engine completely.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m not using WebVR anywhere, so I’m really not sure why these events are popping up.

engine.disableVR() didn’t seem to do it, after digging in more it seems like it’s related to a GUI input taking the focus from the react components. I’ll keep digging and update if I find something useful

Hello! Just checking in if you still have questions @aidenn

Thanks for checking in! I managed to find a solution, should had updated the thread.

I was disposing of GUI text inputs, which seemed to cause the input (that no longer existed) to receive the paste event. I was able to get it to work, although it’s probably a very specific fix for my situation.


Glad to know it’s fixed!

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