Our Submission to the Solana Riptide Hackathon

Hi everyone. We just submitted the following video to the Solana Riptide Hackathon. It’s a new kind of trading interface where all trading is automated, bringing a lot of new power to everyday retail investors. A key component is our 3D “command center” implemented using our internal framework built around babylon.js.

Would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in working on this with us.

The video:



That’s so cool. Very impressive :smile: I worked for a sports betting syndicate for 3+ years and built a similar trading platform. I used D3 charts and always wanted to go back and bring in babylon - we would be watching multiple books and some sites were exchanges (you could be the bookie essentially), but D3 didn’t show that extra trading dimension in exchanges (betfair, etc) like options trading. Anyway, highly cool what you have built and shared. We were definitely “market makers”, so the system would wait for the market to hit a threshold (based also on if it thought it would move more) and then we would bet out at all the markets simultaneously with multiple accounts - I wrote a gradient ascent to maximize profit, so the different bets (regular or buy/sell points) were generated automatically with a distribution (and Kelly criterion for limits) - very fun to work on that kind of stuff. Anyway, your UI looks a lot better! :smile:

ps: we got around it on representing exchanges in D3 by using a weighted average of what we were going to “take”.

Nice one :slight_smile: !!! cc @PirateJC

@JamesAndrew looks awesome!

Would you consider submitting this to possibly be featured in our next release video?

Thanks, @Deltakosh. Thanks @sebavan.

@brianzinn That’s a cool story. I think there is so much untapped potential for “game engine” application in areas like finance and in other industries where most don’t yet take gaming technologies as seriously as I think the will one day.

@PirateJC Thank you, and sure I’d love to to do that. Just let me know how.


Do you have a demo url that you can point people to? If so, just post it on that thread, and that’s it!


What’s the deadline for inclusion. We do have a site up, but it’s not quite ready for full public release.

Also, If you or anyone on the thread here, can suggest any 5.0 features that an app of ours might use, and which I may have missed, I’m all ears.

The deadline is April 18th. It’s stated in that forum post.

+@sebavan to suggest 5.0 features that might fit with this experience.

Here is the full list Babylon.js/what's new.md at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub