Vue and OBJs / GLTFs

I am importing an obj file into a vue project, and this works with a certain older version of the same obj model from Cinema 4D. The model loads in fine in the Babylon Sandbox, but I get certain errors in the console when trying to use this particularly model. Console error is below, I can only assume that there is a mesh that the objFileLoader cannot find “something”.

I have also tried importing a GLTF but that conflicts with the BabylonVue library - which is another story.

Short of me deconstructing the model object by object - is there any obvious reason to this error?

Are you sure you are using the latest version of bjs (4.1-b27?)

we are not doing anything specific on the sandbox besides using the latest preview

Using nodejs - latest version on that is 4.0.3 - babylonjs - npm

This is why you see the difference. Can you switch to latest release?