Vue-Babylonjs dist files size. Is this size normal?

Hi. Newby here! (I’m a visual designer not a developer)

I’m developing my first babylon/vue web following code-small tutorials on YouTube

After realizing how to build the distribution files I’m getting my js folder up to 20 mb files. Note just the chunk-vendors file is going up to 15Mb! Is that size ok?

Probably usefull info:
My node_modules in folder has 536 folders
webpack analysis image: Captura-de-pantalla-2022-04-24-103047 — ImgBB
packages.json image: packages-json — ImgBB

Thanks forum for making my life easier hehehe!

Perhaps you are referring to the “*” source map files? It is common for the chunk-vendor map files to reach ~15MB. They are only relevant if/when browser dev console is opened.

Your minified chunk-vendors.js file should generally be ~4MB in a simple Babylon.js setup when you are not importing with treeshaking in mind. (With correct imports and treeshaking, would generally be less.)

oh I get it! thanks for clarifying