Vuetify and Babylon

I have a question about using vue/vuetify.js and babylon.js. I have used three.js in the past and it was pretty simple to send data from any inputs outside of the three.js scene into the scene to give three objects those values.

Is there a way to do this using vue and babylon as simple as that. I have been searching for a solution like the three.js workflow, but can’t seem to find anything except for this doc:

Which seems to be a lot more complex then just using document ID’s.

Just looking for some suggestions from anyone that may have done the same thing.

I asked GROK, Looks pretty simple the way it is written here.


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There is quite a lot of Vue+Babylon starters at Github -

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Yes, I have seen a lot of these…except they are just babylon inside vue. I need for example to send vuetify slider values into babylon to use as values for mesh data.

Can you specify your requirements in more detail? What do you mean, for instance, by “send”? Send to where? Why sending and not assigning? Client/Server? Main/Renderer? Or to just separate Vue from Babylon?

If it is the latter, I do something like this (for event data):

const cEvent : CustomEvent<{command : string, data: Type}> = new CustomEvent("IPC", {detail: {command, data}});

document.addEventListener("IPC", (event)=>{
  const e = event as CustomEvent<{command : string, data : string}>;
  switch(e.detail.command) {

@Joe_Kerr This does look like what I want. This looks similar to what I did in three.js

What I need to do is take values from vuetify.js inputs….like input fields and sliders for ints and doubles and use them in babylon.js as values for 3D objects and data.

I got this solution to work….thanks man….this is exactly what I was looking for.

Took me a bit to get it in to work….but it works.