We want to get some 3D from JPG

We want some AI plugin which will generate some 3D GIF or MP4 video from JPG image - just any way.

We recently tried DollyZoom but it lacks of quality on different images

Do you know anything we can use?


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This AI could be of interesst

holovolo - immersive volumetric VR180 videos and photos, and 3D stable diffusion, for Quest and WebVR

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What is Depth Estimation? - Hugging Face
Depth Estimation | Papers With Code

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fyi - depth map nicly explained

Generate 3D short films from 2D AI images! - YouTube

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Thank you for your help. We are looking for some automated ways - either API or install on our server. I asked some companies - hope will find the way.

Just when image is uploaded - it should generate 3D from it without using additional software like Photoshop or others.