Stereoscopic Image textures

Yesterday I noticed a 3D/Stereo effect for images shown in the native Quest UI. When viewed from the headset it looks as if you’re looking at those 3D holographic stickers you had as a kid. My guess is they are using either JPS or a proprietary image format that generates the stereo image giving it the illusion of depth.

Is there a way to show stereo images in babylonjs?

I think it’s perfectly possible, and more than one way to produce it. You could render the scene with two cameras with slightly different positions and present the images side by side, for example. I haven’t seen the Quest UI in some time so I’m not aware of the effect, but @RaananW probably has a better idea :slight_smile:

Yeah, there is. with a bit of a configuration involved :slight_smile:

The PhotoDome takes a single image and, depending on the image’s configuration, it shows a different texture to each eye. The only catch is, that it shows it on a dome. You want to show it on a plane (i assume :slight_smile: ). In this case you can provide a mesh to the PhotoDome constructor’s options, which will be used to display the image:

PhotoDome | Babylon.js Documentation (