Web Assemby error when decoding draco gltf

Hey, Since yesterday while loading a draco compressed gltf file into the scene. It sometimes fails with a web assembly error stopping the engine from starting up and showing the models.
Its seems to be web assembly link error. on webassembly.instantiate().
It seems to occur infrequently. Can someone help me to understand whats happening.
The internet connection is stable to I dont think it is an issue trying to fetch the wrapper file.

Pinging @bghgary

Hmm, never seen this before. Can you share a repro?

I have been getting the same error since 2 days or so ago. I “fixed” it by using the cdn version of the draco files instead of the preview ones.

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Hmm, that sounds like there is a bug in the latest version of Draco 1.3.6. I just updated it. I still would like a repro to find out more though. Would you be able to provide something? I can’t repro it.

It seems to be working now. This is one of the pages that wasn’t working for me:


the glb file that wasn’t working was:

I created the file by using kronos’ fbx2gltf and then gltf-pipeline to convert the gltf to a compressed glb

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I’m guessing there was a caching issue and the wasm / wrapper.js were mismatched perhaps?

FYI, Draco is now recommending that everyone use their CDN for the files. You can configure Babylon to point there if you want. DracoCompression - Babylon.js Documentation

I will do that.

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