Web RPG - Dragons of the void

This is the first game I have worked on in babylonjs. I was impressed the new version supports modern typescript development and that is the main reason i chose it over other web technologies.

Myself and a few others are making an RPG game. We decided to use babylon to create the character equipment system while the rest of the app uses vue.js

We just put a babylon instance inside of a vue component, and it was pretty simple. Then we just position the main container with css. Its mostly a 2d game, but we wanted people to be able to customize their character in different ways. This character is from a unity asset store pack, which came with the source rig, and we exported it for babylonjs.


That looks really cool! Can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

We just got dynamic equipment working, can now equip/unequip items from your inventory.
We have a main character mesh that loads in the main character via .gltf.
Then we load a .gltf file for each equipped item.

Basically dynamic equip/unequip, and players will be able to customize the hair/color of the main model.


Just keeping this updated. Babylon has worked great for our equipment system. We are working on two handed weapons now. Our strategy is to transform the bones depending on which weapon is equipped. For example for this sword we could have it execute a serious of transforms to tighten the grip around the sword. Has been working well so far!

Babylon should really document something about when you try to transform the bone, it gets overriden by the parent transformnode. This took us a while to figure out and feel like the bone shouldnt be overridden as default behavior.

We are thinking about doing 3d raid bosses next.
The game is more of an incremental clicker game, but with deeper rpg mechanics.
this is an example boss/raid, and you can fight with your friends etc…

We bought some custom art from the unity asset store and then had custom backgrounds done.
Here is the updated example from above. Fun fact is that the unity asset store license doesn’t appear to restrict using those assets in babylonjs, in fact there is even a custom unity exporter, that may be useful in the future.


This is very very very COOL!

Alot has happened since my last update.
Here are some highlights.

We experimented with 3d raids and those are coming soon to the game.

We started development of the native mobile side of things, using BabylonReactNative and have very promising results, even though that project is in more of an alpha status.

Here an an image of fighting a raid with 2d artwork. We will have 3d raids as well like the skull above.

We have over 100 beta testers now, and things have been coming along smoothly. Haven’t run into many issues with babylon, except for some reason the context is not getting destroyed even after calling dispose. Something is still hanging out in memory so working to figure that out.

We are expecting release in Q3 of this year (for the web version) with mobile following behind that.
Here is an updated screenshot of our character/inventory screen that uses babylon.
The profile shot in the top left is also a babylon instance, which changes as you equip/unequip as well.

Fight with Jagar, one of the first dragons you encounter in the game.


This is insane !!! I love it :slight_smile:

I love it!

I love it too!

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Any update on progress?

We have still been hard at work on the game. We have an open beta coming in ~3 months so if you are interested in trying you out ill post the link here when that releases.

We started to do some more work in babylon with character animations, particle effects etc…

See the video below to check it out.

New Character Screen Video

Here is a shot of our old character screen, before the additional 3d work and animations.

We also released the questing feature and story for the game.

Currently working on the army camps feature which is coming along nicely.
You have an army in the game and when your troops die off in battle you need to train more.

Will post more as we get further along.


Frak!! This is super impressive. Man! I can wait to try it!

Very neat work. Well done. It is very pretty.

Some more information on the 3d asset pipeline.

We now have a workflow using https://www.reallusion.com/ character creator 3, and then export out both male & female models to maya then use the babylon exporter. This helps because they have a marketplace with many assets/animations/armor packs etc…

Each armor is exported to a gltf file for male & female. Then the code dynamically loads the gltf files based on what you have equipped. The gltf files have the animation data embedded.

Here is an example armor from the market place we are utilizing.


This is gorgeous :smiley:

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Long time no update!

Still busy at work we have a major update coming out on the 15th for our closed beta testers. In around 2-3 months we will have open beta, and I can post a link here so you can all try it out.

We have been converting a lot of our armor sets to use character creator, exporting to gltf, and then importing into babylon with animations.

Some new UX designs we are working on.

Stats Window

Formation Page (Army you setup in game)

New Armor Sets


Wow, this is looking great!

w00000t this is pretty !!!

Looks stunning! Keep up the good work! Feel free to post videos :slight_smile:

Curious about how you made the animations and character skinning ?

I’ve been working on similar on my game, and solved character skinning by a web worker where the heavy calculations is done.

Hey all, thanks for the comments. All of our character work is done in character creator 3, and then exported to maya, then using the export plugin from maya to babylon. Animations are exported a long with those models.

Something exciting is we will be launching an open beta in February 2022. It has been a long road to get to open beta, and I have been impressed with babylon & babylon native. We are also launching a mobile alpha with babylon native close to that date. The power of babylon has allowed us to share around 70% of of core logic between web and mobile. If you think about all the api logic, and any business logic you can put in a shared service layer, that can co-exist between the apps. We use github and use a shared npm package across the projects.

I will attach a link when it launches in february.

new profile page mockup

starting work on game shop as well.

new armor sets