Web RPG - Dragons of the void

This is RAD!!!

I absolutely LOVE the style! Feels retro but extremely polished! :smiley:

Open Beta is launching this Friday the 21st

Open Beta Video

You be able to register and play the open beta after 4pm CST on Friday
Game Link


Congrats !!! can t wait to try it cc @PirateJC

Amazing work @satoshi!!! KUDOS!

@satoshi - VERY cool!

We’d love to help you promote your upcoming beta! Do you have a twitter account? We can help spread the word on Friday.

Also - If there’s ever an opportunity to link directly to an in-engine gameplay experience, without the signup wall, let us know and we can also add it to our community page.


That would be awesome. we just created a twitter yesterday.
its https://twitter.com/DragonsOTV

If you could please wait until after 4pm CST on Friday to promote, we have a new website going up and polishing up any final pieces before we send anything out. Coming down to the wire :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you need an account to play to track your progress as you play the game.

Something else I wanted to mention though is our mobile app using babylon react native has made a ton of progress. I am going to start sharing updates here on that side of things. Once that is launched maybe we could share the app url on the community page somehow. It would have a signup wall though, but just think it really showcases the power of babylon with reuse of code between web and mobile.

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Open beta is live. Play here.

Click the play link in the top right corner of the website.

The design is really great, but how to play? Mauritio doesn’t tell me :slight_smile:

if you refresh the game it should connect to chat, and you can ask the players :slight_smile:
Right now we are working on a tutorial for new players but that isnt in yet. Mauritio just gives general info about the game.

Start off on the quest screen though once you move through the first quest nodes you will get a raid/boss you can summon and use your stats on him. That will allow you to level up etc…
You can also just join raids summoned by other people in the public tab on the raid page. they will share them to the chat as well. some raids need 10+ people to take down etc…

Then you get stat points and can allocate to various skills, and spend on resources as well.
In the start of the game there is more waiting but once you get more resources its a lot less.

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