WebGL Dragon : Fly a Dragon with Babylon JS

Live Demo: Hitesh Sahu
Best view on a desktop browser with speaker

Dragon controls are usual

  • W, S, A, D for forward, stop, left, right motion respectively
  • SPACE for flying and spit fire.


Fantastic! I think it needs more controls, though. Lift (without fire)… and hover, and glide. Also, after spacebar “fire-lift” released, sometimes dragon keeps fly-animating after it hits ground.

Sure is pretty and classy-looking… works good. Well done! Thx for sharing it.

Hovering would be nice… especially if it can be set (up or down) and hold its position. Q & Z? shrug.

@HiteshSahu : Nice :slight_smile:

To us old folk who think of 3D and stories, it immediately reminded me of the Legend of King Gwrtheyrn and a castle he was trying to build at Dinas Emrys. Every day his workmen would build some wall and every night that wall would fall down.

King Gwrtheym was confused, so he called together his counselors and asked them to solve his problem. Later those counselors brought the king a young boy who told the king he must dig a big hole where the castle was being built. So the king’s workmen dug a hole and found a pool with two dragons fighting - a red dragon and a white dragon. As they fought the walls came tumbling down.

Eventually the red dragon gained the upper hand - driving out the white dragon. This is the reason why the flag of Wales is a red dragon on a green and white background.

The young boy - he was the fabled Merlin of myth and legend.

Dinas Emrys - a picture

King Gwrtheryn and the hole

Your demo made my day as I have driven past that hillside many, many times.

You never know what thoughts a project may stir in the hearts and minds of observers.

Mind you some historians consider that King Gwrtheryn as :slight_smile:

oath-breaking, treasonous, loved pagan woman, and lesser vices such as pride.

which maybe getting more common these days. :grin:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Hi Wingnut,

Thank you, your appreciation means a lot to me.
I will try to fix issue with flight animation in next iteration. I got more ideas than time to finish them. :slight_smile:


Wow, I could have never imagined that someone can relate this experiment with an old tale, art is in the eye of the beholder I really like the story thank you so much for sharing with us. :slight_smile:

This temple was inspired from this model of Ancient Greek Temple.