Merlin and Morgana

This is a work in progress, and still needs more story and cleanup. Based on old Welsh legends about King Arthur, Merlin and Morgana.

Merlin and the Book

Wander about clicking on things. When the audio is playing -the clicks become disabled. The audio tells you a tale. A game style I have always enjoyed

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Death is the only escape… Shit :smiley:

Cool! Is it your voice?

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Yes it started out as my voice @roland . Recorded in Audacity, then I boosted the bass frequencies and reduced the treble give it more of a Welsh sound.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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If you get to Merlin’s room, above the fireplace is a quilt of two dragons. This texture was made from a quilt one of my daughters gave me one Christmas. The story of the two dragons is about Merlin, around 13 at the time, being summoned to the court of a man called Vortigern who was trying to build a castle but the walls kept falling down at night.

The Legend of Dinas Emrys

My daughter made the quilt using a technique called “raw edge applique” which involves lots of tiny pieces of material sewn onto a mutti-material background - hardly a “quilting circle”. We took a picture with it attached to my back fence. Then into GIMP. You won’t notice from the picture but there was about 8" of snow on the ground!!

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Quilt Image:

Yes I saw the picture and clicked on it and heard the story :slight_smile:

And it even got into daddy’s video game… This is so cool! and cute! :heart_eyes:

That’s very cool! I love the magical atmosphere and the tarot cards :smiley: And your daughter’s quilt is awesome!!!