Island Game - demo + question

  • wasd to move around, space to jump, shift to sprint, and arrow keys to control the camera

  • if you want music you can toggle that with ‘m’

  • if you want to sit down press ‘r’

  • finally if you get stuck or just want to fly around, press ‘u’ to toggle fly mode(gravity is off) and ‘i’ flies up and ‘o’ flies down

  • Also if anyone has any ideas on how to get this guy to swim I’m all ears, I’ve tried a few different implementations(floating sphere pg, raycasting, checking player height against water mesh height) with no luck so I called it quits for now. My fallback is to just make an invisible plane that is below the water surface for the player to “swim” on but I feel like there’s a more elegant and reusable solution.

Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around putting together an early demo of the home world for a game that I’m making and it’s just about ready to show off some progress. You can’t exactly do much more than walk around right now, but a lot of the focus was on getting a nice looking world and clean character controls while keeping it above 30-40 fps. Once I finish up polishing I plan on adding features and really start maxing out the capabilities of the engine. It’s my first time working with babylon or 3d games/3d anything so any feedback is really appreciated!
Also if you can let me know how it performs on your machine (fps-wise) because I get extremely different results based on the window size so my thinking was hopefully that my GPU cant quite manage rendering all of the objects that fit onto my larger monitor’s camera frustum. Anyways, that, any bugs, or suggestions are always more than welcome!

Any assets that aren’t created by babylon were made in magicaVoxel and exported to blender where I added final touches and animations and finally exported as a .babylon file. It was a lot of fun playing with all of the different features and capabilities and figuring out how to weave them all together, but by far the biggest challenge and most eye opening part is the never ending optimization battle against the fps. It definitely got easier as I began to learn the limitations of the engine, what caused the biggest fps hits, and all of the optimization options babylon offers. It has pretty much become the final decision maker when deciding how to implement things that I want and ended up completely shifting the direction I planned on taking the game. I thought it was a nice little look into the life of a gamedev and made me realize how much magic must be going on in the background of popular games to keep them around 60 fps…

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give a little background and open up an opportunity for questions if anyone has any! I still have a long list of features to add so this is still very early stages but I’ll be adding to it pretty regularly. The code is available at (Apologies for the code being a big mess right now)

Last but not least huge huge shoutout to the babylonjs team for creating such an awesome engine and being so active in the community, you guys and this community were easily the most enjoyable part of this experience and there is absolutely no way I could’ve gotten this far without lurking around this forum looking for answers. Please feel free to ask any questions about the game, code, anything, and let me know what you think! Thanks again to all of you wizards at babylon, you guys are crazy:)

Here are some in game screenshots I just took too. Thanks again everybody!


@aoconnell099 - First and foremost, welcome to the Babylon Family! It’s so great to have you as a part of our community

Next - AWESOME! This is really delightful and charming so far! I can’t wait to see how this thing develops! As it matures and you get further down the road with it, keep us updated! We’ll eventually need to get this onto our webpage and onto twitter for a little promotion for ya! When you’re ready of course. :slight_smile:

Lastly - How in the world you managed to create this without a single forum post or question so far is really impressive! You must be some sort of wizard!

Absolutely love what you’re doing! And sweet to see MagicaVoxel and Babylon together. I love that tool!

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Thanks PirateJC! That means a lot coming from you, you’re an awesome pirate. And wow, that would be amazing, I’ll definitely post updates here as I move along!

Haha thanks, like I said if it weren’t for people like you helping everyone out, the great documentation, and the massive number of playgrounds, then I’d have no chance. While I have you here, just wanted to give a quick thanks for putting together those AMAZING mystery demo tutorials, now that is some wizardry. Definitely plan on using that for an underwater section at some point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway thanks again for being such an awesome person and part of this community!


Thanks for the kind words! I 100% agree that this community is awesome and incredibly helpful!

Keep us posted on the progress! Can’t wait to beta test this as it develops!


This is so pretty I wish I would have artistic skills :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: And believe me I am not what you would call artistic haha. MagicaVoxel makes it pretty easy to get something decent looking put together, the hardest part for me was the coloring. Otherwise I’d say 90% of it is playing around with lights/shadows, material properties, and then most of the work being done by the default rendering pipeline for finishing touches

Love the aesthetic you’ve got going here, beautiful! Can’t wait to see more.

Simply beautiful!

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Amazing!! Getting ~60 FPS (never lower than 50) with the Chrome console open and other tabs open :smiley: Feels super smooth, love the landing effect and how you can actually go inside the house!

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Great work @aoconnell099!

When the trees and character are in frame at the same time I’m seeing a strange black triangle connecting each treetop with the centre of the character.

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I haven’t seen that before, thanks for letting me know. I wonder what that could be? My initial thought is that it might be something to do with backface culling, but i have no idea why they would all connect to the character. Any ideas?

I get those lines as well. Seems to come from each tree straight to the character’s head. You can always say it is a feature :wink:

Amazing attention to details! I love the steps, the ground particles flying when you walk, really great work

Regarding the bug, I think it’s not the center of the head that is pointed to by one vertex of the bad triangles, instead it is the center of the screen (so something like 0/0 in NDC space).

So, you may have a degenerated / bad triangle in your tree that leads to this artifact at rendering time.