WebGPU and Dynamic Texture

could not find in supported list in docs, so decided to ask here.
Is Dynamic Texture supported already in WebGPU ? as I got error in my projects and decided to create PG

Basically its custom material with extra added sampler2d that is Dynamic Texture, as soon as I add it start to get errors, works fine with standard texture

Thank you

In WebGL you don’t have an error but it still does not work, because you can see the amiga texture instead of your own texture.

It does not work in WebGPU because the dynamic texture is not ready, so it can’t be passed to the shader (it works in WebGL because it passes another (random) texture, but it really should not…).

You must call the update() function to make the texture ready.

Here’s a corrected PG:

Thank you @Evgeni_Popov