WebGPU Init Error

Something wrong with WebGPU initializing?

new WebGPUEngine(canvas,{

Are you running the latest version? It’s working for me.

However I don’t believe the error on the screenshot is generated when creating the WebGPUEngine. The first error reveals that you are trying to use more vertex buffers as the platform you are running on allows.

Can you please remove the WebGPUEngineOptions object and try your code again? Did you get the same error?

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Yes, it’s running the latest version 7.1. I have another scene, and running well. But this scene got some problem. What i suspect is that two scenes use different postprocess renderpipeline. Which one work fine use less. And the error scene use more. Maybe the WebGPUEngine got conflict with RenderPipline?

As @roland said, your scene has some meshes that are using more than 8 vertex buffers, which is the limit on your platform (see https://webgpureport.org/). You should try to isolate this mesh and see why it uses so many buffers.

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What’s the mesh problem cause the limitation of maxVertexBuffers on WebGPU? But it’s working fine on WebGL.

What’s the detection method to find my problem assets?

I believe mesh.getVerticesDataKinds().length > 8 ==> error should do the job.

In fact it’s not so simple, because we try in the WebGPU implementation to merge several buffers into the same vertex buffer layout. For eg, the 4 vertex buffers world0 / world1 / world2 / world3 used by mesh instancing will consume a single vertex buffer layout.

The only time I experienced an error because of a shortage of vertex buffers was because someone was using 5 different uv layouts, so that was already consuming 5 vertex buffers… If you add the position, normal, instancing, bone, etc vertex buffers, you can easily go over the max limit.

Yes,I found that WebGPU has very strict standard restrictions on model format. The gltf export plugin have to add some format detection to tell people which model works for WebGPU

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