WebGPU operating environment

yes, I use @babylonjs

I think there is no dynamic import in my code( I didn’t know how to use it)

There are many other node_module using import(), I think changing webpack is very hard to me.
Moving those file to src is a large working :sob:
Do you have any idea to fix it? @Evgeni_Popov
Browser is support webgpu, but browser can’t load navigator.gpu correctly when openning a remote built project web-page running in ngnix。

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I just noticed the imports are type declarations using dynamic import syntax. That really shouldnt effect anything at all

This is a strange one. If in Canary I browse your url http://demo.3d.dfocus.co/, the navigator object has a lot less properties than if I open a new tab and browse another url (for eg, matrox.com):

navigator when browsing your url:

navigator when browsing https://matrox.com:

I don’t know how it can happen (except if you overwrite the navigator object yourself - but I’m not sure you can hide some existing properties by code) as the navigator object is handled by the browser, it does not depend on which web server is serving a page… One difference I can see is that you are serving the pages through http and not https… Try to setup your nginx server in https and see if that helps.

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I don’t think i’ve seen an http-only webgpu site not over localhost before this, but it does seem like that’s the cause.

Ohhhh, it Work!!!

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https is mandatory (outside local dev) for any new features where security has to be enhanced.