Webstorm IDE questions

i’m new to babylonJS
when I using babylonJS in webstorm , code autocomplete and type-hint is very slow.
about 2~3 seconds to show the hint.
but other webGL framework such as ThreeJS is very fast.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Do you use BABYLON over es6 imports? (as described here Babylon.js ES6 support with Tree Shaking | Babylon.js Documentation)

Thank you for your reply

Yes I’m using es6 import

when I’m typing babylonJS staff
CPU usage reaches 50% :upside_down_face:
auto-complete is very very very slow !
I don’t know it’s webstorm problem or babylonJS problem (already post an issue to jetBrain Team)
but other framework such as Vue or ThreeJS don’t have such problems