WebXR in other units than meters?

Hi! is there any chance to use other units? usually we work with cm, all our assets are in that units and so, but unfortunately, the movement provided by WebXR is given in meters.

We’ve tried to calc and reapply delta movements in onBeforeRenderObservable but we only get weird results and maybe we are trying to reinvent the wheel since it could be an easier solution.

Regards, and thank you in advance.

Adding XR master @RaananW

The WebXR specs are all written in meters, the webxr data provided to us is in meters, so we work in meters as well.

There is a discussion whether or not we can enable some sort of a “world scale” to support other units. TBC.

Another solution would be to parent the camera and set the parent’s scaling to a different value. Something like this - Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com) But this might have unwanted consequences.

Or perhaps do the opposite, eg. just parent all assets to a TransformNode with the 0.01 scaling to convert to meters ? Perhaps with a callback when loading an asset ? (Scaling the camera by 0.01 may have the inverse effect.)

Sure!!! That would be the preferred solution! It just can’t be automated. and it might cause a few issues with positioning if the origin is not set correctly.