How to accurately align the headset movement for a WebXR scene

I’m noticing the delta between actual motion and the perceived motion in webxr is not accurate. Sideways motion is roughly ok, but up and down motion seems off.

For example, when I move my head vertically up and down (either by looking up and down or by bending & standing up so that my head moves closer to the ground) in the Hill Valley Scene ( using my Quest 3, the camera in the scene moves a lot shorter distance.

Does the scale of the camera position events from the headset match babylon’s scale(1 unit = 1 meter) for WebXR? Meaning if I move 1 meter in real life, will it result in the camera shifted by 1 meter? If yes, any pointers on how this effect can be fixed?

Babylon itself does not have a unit.

GLTF on the other hand is defined as 1m = 1unit :slight_smile:

So in HillValey the artist may have chosen a different scale during the creation process. That said from what I remembered HillValey was pretty close from a meter = a unit cc @RaananW

Also I added a 1 unit diameter sphere there to compare and it looks ok

I can’t seem to reproduce the incorrect behavior. 1 meter is 1 unit, yes. If i lower my headset all the way to the floor it works as expected, i can also lower myself down to see the internal part of the car, if I teleport right next to it.
Can you share a screencast of the behavior on your headset?

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This was a problem on our end. This is now fixed