WebXRAnchorSystem can't add an anchor

you’re going to have to be more specific :slight_smile: .

Have you turned on the flag? what version of chrome are you using? what error are you seeing? share a screenshot maybe, a debug session, a playground link you are trying to open.
You get ar and vr support from babylon as well, it is the features that you don’t have for some reason.

I have turned on the WebXR incubations flag. Using chrome version 91.
This is the link to the demo I am trying to run Babylon.js Playground
I have attached a picture (not sure how to really use this phone), I cannot view any specific error.

First, this scene has nothing to do with anchors (it’s mainly hit-test).

I have just tried it on my device and it does work as expected. So it is something with either the device itself or the browser.

Have you installed the ar services on your android device? AR Core must be installed in order for those demos to work correctly - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.ar.core

It’s documented here - WebXR Augmented Reality Features | Babylon.js Documentation

Oh missed that, thank you so much!