WebXRAnchorSystem can't add an anchor

When i use function:


The anchor is added as expected, but when i use function:


i got an error:
Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Anchor creation failed.

Where is my mistake?

This PG Babylon.js Playground with first function.
This PG https://playground.babylonjs.com/#HYK4HC#1 with second (wrong) function.

Adding @RaananW


I will check that and get back to you.

For some reason adding anchors in unbound space it not supported. change it to local-floor and you get the results you expect:

WEBXR | Babylon.js Playground

Thanks for not thinking about it!

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When I run this in immersive mode (using WebXR in chrome) I get an error “the required feature ‘anchors’ is not supported” do you have any idea why?
Thank you,

@RaananW is the king of VR, and the more I read V/X/A R questions, the more I think to dive in to help him more than pinging him :slight_smile:

nice you know AR/VR/XR in Babylon JS as well?

Nope, hence why I need to learn cause I feel useless on those questions :slight_smile:

Hi Tali,

I assume you mean chrome on android? Have you turned on the webxr incubations flag in chrome://flags?

I’m using Chrome on my PC and have WebXR set to Samsung Galaxy S8+(AR) in WebXR in the Babylon Playground. Yes I have the incubation flags turned on.

no PC/desktop browser has the anchors feature turned on. You will have to use mobile.

Oh that makes a lot of sense! Do you have recommendations for how to use Babylon on mobile? I have an iPhone. Would it work to run it on a HoloLens as well?
Thank you!

The only devices supporting anchors currently are Android devices with the latest chrome. IPhone doesn’t support WebXR (thanks apple), and hololens doesn’t have all ar features yet as far as I know.
Latest chrome on android supports anchors, plane detection, hit tests.

Ok thank you! So if I get my hands on an android device how can i run my code?
Thanks for the quick response!

There you go:

Just open the page and make sure the flags are turned on

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Thank you, I can only run in the Babylon playground on chrome on an Android?

yep, just make sure to turn on the right flags. It’s still an experimental technology

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Thanks, when I open WebXR - Samples on chrome or chrome canary I get AR and VR support detected. But when I open any of the demos they don’t work. I’m trying to get the anchor demo Anchors in particular. Any idea why?
Using latest chrome and have incubation flag enabled.