Weekly Video: Introduction to the Particle Editor

Hey Gang!

Fresh off of the Babylon 4.1 release, it’s already time to start showing off a new feature for our next release. For this week’s video, @Deltakosh kicks off a multi-part series introducing us to the brand new Particle Editor in Babylon.js!!!

Can’t wait for you to try it out!!!


@Deltakosh im gonna have to buy one of those fish golem shirts. Reminds me of old school Urza during the Phyrexian era, pestilence armor and all.

Haha here: Deltakosh World | Teespring

Is that Urza inspired or am I tripping?

Well not directly but you are totally right :smiley: I was indirectly inspired

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Part 2 of this awesome series is now live!!! Want to know how to shape and form your particle system? Dive right in to learn all about GRADIENTS!!!

Pick up where we left off from the last video:


Part 3 is here!!!

Follow along with this playground: Babylon.js Playground