Weekly Video: Creating Motion Graphics with Polar Coordinates

Hey All,

The very talented @PatrickRyan brings us an awesome video this week showing off how to use the Node Material Editor and polar coordinates to create some awesome motion graphics!

Dive in and follow along with this playground:


There should be a dedicated website with all these in a single gallery. Unless we already have that and I am behind the times?

If we don’t have one what about making a “Video Tutorials” section in the docs and have these?

There are plenty of people that might not even know about these unless they dig through the forum.

Hi Pryme ,

The site that collects the videos is YouTube :

There are 66 videos on BabylonJS

haha goteeeeem.

Anyways yeah I know they are on youtube :wink: but I was thinking them organized and

Babylonjs.com -> Learn -> Weekly Videos
maybe instead of weekly video do Video Tutorials and organize them by type or how advance.

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I like this idea a lot. I’m rethinking how the documentation is all structured, I’m going to put this into the batch of ideas on how we can make it better! Thanks for calling this out @Pryme8!

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