Weekly Video: Aiming Particle Systems with Mesh Emitters

Hey Everyone. My turn again for the video this week! This time I’m adding smoke burst particle effects to the infamous Pirate Fort!

Follow along with this playground:

3-part video series on the Particle Editor:

Part 1 of the Pirate Fort:


Hi @PirateJC ,

I find the particle system cool in the inspector. I notice this line of code in the PG:
ParticleHelper.CreateFromSnippetAsync(“LCBQ5Y#6”, scene);
But I don’t find any subject in the documentation explaining what it does (the SnippetID). How it works and other details. Would it be possible to have documentation on it. Unfortunately, I cannot take advantage of the videos because I do not understand English. I use translators to read and write, but not yet to listen to LOL

PS: Adding French subtitles to all Babylon videos would be great, I could probably benefit a little more, no, much more,of what is explained.
Videos on WebXR would be interesting too. I saw one on WebVR time 20 seconds, but nothing really interesting. I’d love to see more about how WebXR works if possible in video.

Thanks for all your videos

@PirateJC : I do enjoy your videos - they seem to come from a place more like mine (how does this scripting thing work? :slight_smile: ). Sadly, the forum seems to get more and more about detailed coding issues. I did promote Grant’s work through a thread here a while back:

A Low Poly Creation

and over on @Vinc3r 's tutorials and assets thread

I have passed on your thoughts on the Grant Abbitt videos to the man himself . Maybe one day he might join us here though he spends many, many hours with his live streaming videos.

@Dad72 : I wondered about the “Snippet” documentation too. C’est une bonne idée

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

@Dad72 - Documentation…yes we have a small section here that explains it very briefly. Particles - Babylon.js Documentation. It could probably benefit from a little more detail. Let me know what you think it’s missing and what else you’d like to know about it and I’ll see about updating the doc.

@gryff - Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m in love with scripting and teaching people how Babylon works! That’s so awesome that you passed this along to Grant! His work is incredible and I’ve learned a TON from him as I’ve picked up Blender in the past year.

I was thinking about how the bond between the particles and the inspector run. Details when we modify the particles from the inspector, does our particle system take into account the modification localy …

What is webXR video and the possibility of having subtitles in another language (French) ? I saw that youtube could do it automatically, but I don’t know how it works behind the scenes.

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