Weird "shadows" on follow camera

Im using follow camera but I found that after move around for a while it starts to display some weird “shadows” of the meshes on the scene, you can test it here and here’s the bug result:


With the “shadows”

*I had to take the picture with my phone, I explain it below

We can see that on the edges of the ground there are some “shadows” on the ground, I realized that it happens when I move left (A) and right (B) really fast.

When I was trying to screenshot it I also figured out that this isnt a “shadow” is is actually that the mesh angle for the camera is changing so fast that we have this “shadow” effect here, but how can I evoid that issue?

Am I doing something wrong?

cc @Cedric and @RaananW for the physics part as I wonder if it could be related ?

Are you referring to the camera’s constant back-and-forth movement?

This feels like a misconfigured follow camera. I removed all of the parameters except for the radius and it seems to be more stable. Is that the issue here? or am I missing something?

Well… also :sweat_smile:

I was trying to ask one question per time but yeah I got this error too, not sure what I’m doing wrong with the camera ;-;

Edit: Seems like its something with the applied forces on the mesh, I added a jump on a test and the camera kind flick when I do so

Hey @RaananW any idea of what could be causing that error? Im still facing the issue and I’m not sure what could be causing that :cry:

I mean, the zoom thing I showed on my previous answer, the other issue I solved changing some of the configuraions

Sorry, totally missed that. can you share the playground you are testing with?

Hey @RaananW it took me a while, but I moved it to a playground!

To jump you just need to hit “w”

hey! great!

I can’t seem to get it to work, for some reason. “w” does nothing?

Hey I was testing here and seems like the player took a huge while to load, but after it loads the jump works, was that the issue you faced?

Or the player actually loaded but nothing happened?

You should be able to move it with W, A and D :thinking:

Sorry - was a local issue. I can see what you are referring to. Seems to be the combination of physics and the follow camera, but let me try debugging this.


I found a quick solution, but I believe there is a better one. @Cedric will take some time today to check it, and we will decide on a solution later today

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Thanks again for reporting this!

I have found a solution that doesn’t hurt performance, and it will be available in the next version:

Fixing an issue with follow camera and physics by RaananW · Pull Request #13618 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (