What are the ranges for things like panningsensibility and similars in camera

good day, I want to put some sliders in my app so that user can select custom values for things like
camera.pinchDeltaPercentage = 0.0;
camera.pinchPrecision = 1;
camera.wheelPrecision = 0.5;

so I look the documentation

looking for what are the extreme of the ranges for those settings, but I don’t see ranges in the docs, just “number”, how can I know the recommended extreme ranges for these settings?
thank you :slight_smile:

ok I see that defaults are
angularSensibilityX: 1000
angularSensibilityY: 1000
panningSensibility: 1000
wheelPrecision: 3
pinchPrecision: 12

and I see that going lower makes them faster,
and going higher makes them slower

all right with that I can sort of set ranges around those numbers :slight_smile:

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