What can cause webgl context lost?

we are having random webgl context lost errors. usually when resizing a window or when some other process it potentially soaking up resources.

we’re trying to identify the root cause…is there a doc or list of things that might cause the webgl context lost errors? Does it usually happen if we are out of memory? also the engine tries to handle the context lost error but sometimes never restores the context.
( we could set doNotHandleContextLost = true and the handle it ourselves)

cc @sebavan

The three most common causes are:

  • out of video memory due to a leak
  • driver change like switching screens on laptop
  • driver crash link to the overall load of the gpu accross tabs
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Thanks! We will run memory profiles via chrome devtools to see if there are potential leaks.


Some other ones FWIW:

  • Remote desktop
  • New driver installation