What do the values in the joint rest matrix represent

I am currently working with an exported .babylon file that contains several joints. However, I cant seem to figure out what some of the values represent. I have spent quite a while digging for an answer and I feel a bit embarrassed to be asking, because I am sure its documented somewhere. But could someone point me to what these values correspond to?

Example: “rest”:[1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,1,0,60.3128,13.5475,0.402,1]

ping @Drigax

Hey @CanvasGadget

I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t see any class in either Babylon.js or our exporters that has a member called “rest”, Where are you getting this .babylon scene from?

The rest parameter is the seralized version of the bone.getRestPose() of the bone of a skeleton. Unfortunately, this isn’t well documented what exactly this means. The restPose is something that is set in the bone's constructor. You can call bone.returnToRest() to reset the bone to its rest pose. Hope that helps a bit.

Thanks bghgary, yeah part of the reason I was asking is that I will be animating the skeleton and at times will need to reference the “rest” data to determine how much they have moved. Its part of a more complex challenge I am working on, which is why I am a bit in the weeds here. I am pretty confident they represent rotation, scale, transform just not sure is what order? Anyway, I was able to determine that the values “60.3128,13.5475,0.402” represent the transform data which is what I was primarily after. :slight_smile:

The rest pose of a bone is a 4x4 matrix, like the local and base matrix. If you have a specific question, maybe I can help more?