What Happened To Tools/Gulp

So can someone please tell me what is the new build process now. I dont see Tools/Gulp anymore ?

Hey, Gulp is still alive and still used in the Internet.
But at taking example from @RaananW repo

Webpack is one of the most popular building tools.
I personally like Parcel and I’m using it in my project.

Basic idea

  1. Use VSCode
  2. Install Prettier as default formatter in VSCode
  3. Clone Babylon.js to local folder
  4. Do npm install in local Babylon.js folder
  5. Use VSCode to make code changes
  6. Ctrl + Shift + P Format Document
  7. Terminal Run Build Task



Before… you used to be able to gulp typescript-all and it build the entire dist folder with the .js files like:



How the heck do we build the project and where the heck are the result builds placed???

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As @JohnK linked - the process is explained in the docs

I’m not sure what you need but you can try run some build commands from the scripts - eg. npm run build:lts

Sorry but you will have to wait for @RaananW to be available for that one.

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The hecking results are in their hecking respected folders!

Running npm run build:umd will provide you with the files you need in the packages/public/babylonjs/package-name folder. If you wonder why it was done this way - it allows you to use npm link directly.


Thanks @RaananW

@RaananW … So there is no babylon.js in the core folders… How do i build the cdnsnapshot that is made for the releases ? That has what i need.

npm run babylonjs:umd will generate all of the UMD packages. And then you will find them in the public folder(s). If you need the snapshot, you can then run npm run prepare-snapshot which will create the snapshot in the base /.snapshot directory.

Still can’t find babylon.js in ./snapshot folder

Hopefully release 5.26 will have the fixes @bghgary made for loading animations

Have you found it in the public folder?

Hey @MackeyK24 just checking if you managed to find the build files?

Nope… I ended up waiting for the cdn snapshot release