What is the alpha release cadence?

I’m waiting on a bug fix to show up in a preview tag on npm. I’m super thankful for the babylonjs maintainers/contributors that fixed it so fast. Just waiting to pull it into my project! :smiley:

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I would like to add, it would be nice if the preview tag/package was updated with the nightly builds

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I have really specific additional processing for the npm package so it will be complicated to do it like 3 times a day (the current update speed of the nightly ';))

But I can run it on demand
Will do it today

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Any chance you are close to another preview release? :pray:

I’m also curious to know if anyone has had more luck than me in using BJS nightlies via git url in npm.

Running it right now :slight_smile:

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Wonderful, thank you!

If you want a higher cadence that nightlies and are using ES6 you can build your own from source with the task gulp npmPackages-es6 :slight_smile: