[Solved] Version difference for es6 and standard library


would like to know if es6 version is synced with standard babylonjs on npm.

I see that standard one have version alpha29, but es6 alpha18 , (alpha17 after install).

this is temporal or there will be version differences in future as well ?

Thank you

They are the same version if you install from @preview

17 was the first npm release (published as preview) but npm wanted at least one stable and they picked the first one :slight_smile:

The build/publish process is always done at the same time to prevent any confusion.

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I still thing we should release the latest preview as @latest also, since people getting started with the new @babylonjs/* will probably install it without adding the tag.

Then when we release 4.0.0 we can start using
@latest - stable release with semver
@next - a beta or alpha but a “stable” version
@nightly - could be in an instable state, but should could be built and published by a CI

How do we publish to npm today?
CI based?
Script based?

I’ll help out if you want :slight_smile:

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@sebavan thanks. yes installed wrong version :slight_smile:

It is all script based and easy to put it in CI. We do prefer to still manually run the script to limit the number of release on npm without nightly.

We ll push a @latest in bit as I agree this is confusing as long as the first stable as not been released.