What issues do the playground stop a zip to be created and downloaded?

My playground scene doesn’t download.
What issues do the playground stop from creating a zip file and let it download?
Or can there be any other limitations? E.G. on my browser side?

The code itself is executed without errors in the playground itself.


can you share the playground, and some details about your browser?

I found out, that some screenspace effects were the issue.
I had the following in my code:

(I cannot share the PG…, sry).

Taking these lines out, made it work.
What Do I need to do to include these effects?

I am working with

Google Chrome

Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

   var ssaoRatio = {
        ssaoRatio: 1.0,
        blurRatio: 1

    var ssao = new BABYLON.SSAO2RenderingPipeline(
    ssao.radius = 3;
    ssao.base = 0.1;
    ssao.totalStrength = 2;
    ssao.expensiveBlur = true;
    ssao.samples = 64;
    //these are important to avoid z-fighting. Tweak them according to the size of the scene
    ssao.maxZ = 50;
    ssao.minZAspect = 0.5;

    // Attach camera to the SSAO render pipeline

Yes, I can reproduce. Are you sure you don’t have any errors in the console when trying to download?

Thx for reply.
I checked the console now.

Thats what I get.

we’ll check that and fix it. in the meantime removing the code before downloading and add it to the HTML’s script after downloading is the best solution i can offer.

Thanks for reporting this!

Thank you!
Best. Werner

This was fixed and will be ready after the next nightly is deployed. Probably later today.