what knowledge points should I use to realize this model urgent work?

Good forum gods, what knowledge points should I use to realize this model urgent work?

At present, I don’t know what to do. I think it should be very easy to implement this function with Babylon

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Regarding the modeling of the asset I can’t help (if you are also speaking about that) and I don’t think it’s the right forum for this, but regarding the clipping planes look for the dedicated page:

PG: Babylon.js Playground

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Thank you teacher ,i think i talk “slice mod”…

I have recently designed a 3D printer. I have been engaged in the development of HTML5 game. I am very experienced in coordinate system and 2D canvass graphics processing. In fact, I want to get the plane after cutting, and then turn to a specific angle for 2D screenshot, and then generate a coordinate group and send it to my 3D printer for model printing

At present, there is no way to process the model cutting, and no relevant information is found in Babylon 101

In this picture, I think it is to set a square for the boundary of the model. By adjusting the size of the square and hiding the parts beyond the square, the slicing of the model is realized. Is it not so simple?

I am sure that controlling the printer chip through HTML5 technology should be more suitable for 3D printing than traditional G code, in terms of efficiency and accuracy

You can try something like this to display a single slice (the slider is for increasing the size of the slice):

For each slice you would need to read back the color buffer and scan it to locate the pixels that are not empty…