What about 6 clip planes?

Hello there,

For now there are 4 clip planes available in a scene (Use clip planes - Babylon.js Documentation), but is there any way to add two more?
To get somehow a “clip cube”…


haha this is fairly possible

Just do a search in the code for “clipPlane4” and add clipPlane5 and 6 there.
if you want to PR the change I will gladly merge it

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Wow thanks for the quick answer!
I’ll do it as soon as possible

Hey! Still did not have the time to add it… and I don’t really how to proceed…
If I add it correctly, how will I be able to use it with the npm package of babylonjs?

When the PR will be merged I will simply push an update to NPM repo :slight_smile:
In the meantime you need to test it locally


I finally found the time to do it! It was really nothing, but as it is my first add to an open source project, I am really impressed of everything.

I will create a more detailed subject soon about my work and what I did with BabylonJS since last year.


Thanks a ton!