What would be the best way to use the scroll wheel on a mouse to animate camera movement (pre animated on a track)

Looking to use the mouse wheel to move the camera throughout the scene on a track, I don’t see how I can use the animation class to do this, so what would you suggest?

You can collect your animation keys and simply move from a key to the next one?

Would that be the best way to achieve this? Or would there be a better way that I’m not seeing?

If you want to stick with animation you can get an animatable out of a call to scene.beginAnimation and then play with the animatable.goToFrame()

Just to make sure, would you suggest this way or another way? Just trying to also get advice from the professionals.

I’m not sure there is a BETTER way per se. But if you can only get the key points, ti could be easier to run individual animation (from points to points) maybe.

What about creating a tiny repro in the PG and see how we can deal with it?