Cursor and move to cursor

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a similar experience to Matterports, pointer and moving option but on a 3D scene, not 360 photos.

As you can see here Multilevel Full Rehab - framing stage - 42 Summer Street - Matterport 3D Showcase on moving the pointer over different floor, walls or objects there is a moving 2D circle and on click its moving the camera to that position.

It’s possible to imitate this behaviour in Babylon?

I tried using v-rays on mouse movement but it freezed the application :frowning:


You should be able to cast rays with a predicate no problem. There must be something up with how you are doing it. You would need to post a PG of a like setup so we could take a look for you.

Im gonna try making a playground with what I tried.
As for the 2D circle, how would you go about it?

A Texture or a Shader on a plane.

Is It possible?. I am also need the same thing.

let see where @theblackneko and @Pryme8 ended up with this :slight_smile:

I assume dude just took some planes and added a circle texture to them. Then placed them around his scene. Then attach a mouse action to lerp the cameras position to that mesh.

Should be fairly straightforward.

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