When nb in SPS goes over 4000 I cannot load the model

Hello everyone

I tried to use SPS in my code to increase the rendering speed, but when I used SPS for nb more than 4000 I got the following error on my page:

this is my PG for 6 points :

and my final model for about 8000 points can be seen in the below screenshot :

I think this is a question for @jerome, but as your PG works with a few points it may be difficult to diagnose.

Also, have you tried to comment point.dispose(); (just in case it is still needed afterward)?

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The global SPS performance is directly related to the global number of vertices.
The sphere mesh has quite many vertices as a SPS model. So multiplying 1 sphere by 8000 can make a really big final mesh.
I suggest that you reduce the sphere model number of vertices with {segments: 3} for instance, or that you use another model (a billboarded planar quad ?).
If you just want to render points, the Point Cloud System could be a better choice than the SPS.


Thanks a lot.

thank You so much. :pray:t2:
so If the PCS is better then I try to use it. Thank you for your recommend.

It’s not better or worse, but I think it fits better your needs : point rendering.

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Thank you so much